Macrium Reflect 4.2: Complete backup and disaster recovery solution for Windows XP and Vista.

Macrium Reflect 4.2

Award winning Windows backup and disk imaging software. Backup files and folders into a single compressed archive file or create a browseable image of your hard disk for easy hard disk upgrade or recovery. Images can be stored on local or network drives, CD or DVD media, and removable drives connected using USB or Firewire. In the event of a total loss of the Windows operating system your PC can be started using the Reflect recovery CD.

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recupero dati hard disk 1.0: recupero dati hard disk is the perfect choice to perfom disk imaging

recupero dati hard disk 1.0

recupero dati hard disk is the best choice for disk imaging, simple, fast, no installation required, no library, fast and reliable imaging, perfect for forensic purposes, perfect for a fast disk drive identification, low memory consumption, works fine on all system without freezing client pc

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Active@ Disk Image Lite 5.4.2: Disk Image freeware is a fully functional free disk image backup software.

Active@ Disk Image Lite 5.4.2

Disk Image freeware - Active@ Disk Image Lite edition is a fully functional free disk image backup software having the core features of more advanced versions. The main features: Creating Backup Disk Image (occupied clusters only), Image Compression (Normal and High). If you ever need the functionality of Standard or Professional versions, you may always upgrade - the core of the product is the same and disk image files are compatible between editions

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Disk Doctors Drive Manager 1.0.0: Disk Doctors Drive Manager lets you manage, scan and protect your hard drive

Disk Doctors Drive Manager 1.0.0

Disk Doctors Drive Manager is a powerful and flexible utility package that lets you safely and securely manage, scan and protect your hard drive from disk failure, data loss or damage. Disk Doctors Drive Manager offers Easy-To-Use real time solutions to monitor the health of your hard drive, manage your space, track changes and make sure that your important files are always safe. With Disk Doctors’ Drive Manager you can: Drive SOS: is designed

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Comodo Backup Backup fast, Restore easy, Files secure, with the new Comodo Backup!

Comodo Backup

disk and partition. Quickly clone disks/partitions by processing only used sectors. New features Backup settings for email and messenger clients. All your custom settings are stored so when you restore you don`t need to reconfigure the program. Automatic image verification. The backup images can be checked automatically before restore or after backup. Schedule every X minutes. You can set the backup to run at any time interval you need. CBU tab in

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Acronis True Image Home 2010: Acronis True Image 2010: reliable backup and recovery of the entire PC.

Acronis True Image Home 2010

Acronis True Image Home 2010 provides home users reliable and timeless backup and recovery of systems, applications, settings and personal files. From an intuitive graphical interface, users can easily define where, locally or online, and how often to backup a PC. In addition, Acronis Nonstop Backup provides continuous system and data protection, preventing data loss. Users can easily implement a backup/recovery strategy in just few clicks.

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BootIt Bare Metal 1.05: Excellent all-in-one boot and partition manager with a full free 30-day trial.

BootIt Bare Metal 1.05

disk imaging program in single package, further enforcing TeraByte’s position as a leading innovator of advanced multi-booting software. Some of the many partition operations include non-destructive resizing, converting, creating, copying, moving, deleting, and undeleting on hard drives beyond 16 exabytes in size. Standard MBR, EMBR, and GPT type disks are all supported, as is safely converting between them. The built-in BCD editor provides an

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PC Image Clone Free Edition 3.0.201101: Backup Windows / Linux or entire Hard Disk to Image File.

PC Image Clone Free Edition 3.0.201101

Disk Imaging Software. You can use it to copy your Windows 7, vista, xp / Linux system or entire hard drive to an image file within minutes.Moreover, restoring back your crashed or virus infected Windows or Linux system using "PC Disk Tools Recovery CD" becomes much easy than before. Main features: Disk to Image, Partition to Image Clone / Restore Windows or Linux with HIGH speed Backup / Imaging unknown, hidden or proprietary partition formats Copy

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Acronis True Image Home 2011 Netbook Edition 2011: Backup and Recovery of Systems,Applications and Files Optimized for Netbooks

Acronis True Image Home 2011 Netbook Edition 2011

disk fail? These are just a few examples of how people lose photos, music, personal and financial data every day. Netbook computers are most vulnerable to data loss due to their mobility. Don`t let this happen to you. Now is the time to protect your Netbook with Acronis True Image Home 2011 Netbook Edition. Acronis True Image Home 2011 Netbook Edition is a powerful and comprehensive backup and recovery solution designed specifically for Netbook PCs

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Paragon Exact Image 7.0

Data backup has never been so easy and reliable. No need to study sophisticated technical issues to keep your data safe. No need to call for some specialist to arrange the backup process. No need to worry about your data security any more. Paragon Exact Image solution guides you through the sequence of well-designed, intuitively understandable wizards, while the smart Paragon Engine, qualified with more than 10 years` experience, does the job

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